15 Worst Celebrity Photoshop Fails Of All Time

Celebrities crave for perfect body and perfect figure. They try to use all possible tools to achieve perfect looking body. Makeup, surgeries, and exercises are not enough to get that perfect body for some. They use photoshop to look flawless and perfect but sometimes poor editing resulted in embarrassment for not only editors but also for celebrities. Here are 15 of the worst celebrity photoshop fails of all time.


This photo was uploaded to her Instagram account and fans soon realized that there is some hilarious error. Lohan forgot to fix the details while she added some curves to her body in the photoshop.

Lindsay Lohan Photoshop Fail
Source: Instagram


Yoga is definitely a great way to keep one’s body in perfect shape. In this photo of Lady Gaga, she made the tiled floor wavy, and even bend the mirror from the distance which was caught by fans.

Lady Gaga Photoshop Fail
Source: Instagram


The Kardashian-Jenner family got huge success from Keeping up with the Kardashians. This is the photo from an ad of leading underwear brand Calvin Klein. Everything looks normal at first instance, but if you look closely, Kourtney’s arms are made a way thinner than it is possible.

Kourtney Kardashian Photoshop Fail
Source: Calvin Klein


This next picture from celebrity photoshop fails is from the Hollywood Issue of Vanity Fair’s 2018 edition. In the photo, Oprah Winfrey can be seen with other big names of the industry.

In the photos, Witherspoon seems to have three legs instead of two and Oprah seems to have three hands instead of two.

Oprah Winfrey Photoshop Fail
Source: Vanity Fair


Emma Watson was signed by Burberry and the photos weren’t exactly what they would have expected. In this photo, we can see Watson’s leg vanish into air.

Emma Watson Photoshop Fail
Source: Burberry

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