15 Worst Celebrity Photoshop Fails Of All Time


Everything seems to be normal in this 2017 photograph of Jordyn Woods and Kylie Jenner where they can be seen posing together. The problem is with the floor and the carpet lines that clearly look distorted which suggests that the photograph was edited.

Kylie Jenner Photoshop Fail
Source: Instagram


This next picture from celebrity photoshop fails is of the leading American musician John Mayer who posted a photo of himself with his dear buddy Ricky Van Veen. The photo clearly shows that the editor of this photograph definitely lacks photoshop skills.

John Mayer Photoshop Fail
Source: Instagram


The next celebrity photoshop fail is from the royal family. The photo featuring the 2010 edition of the Hello magazine. Anyone can notice that the looks have been changed dramatically.

Prince William Photoshop Fail
Source: Hello Magazine


In September 2009 edition of the self magazine, they left no filters unused with their photoshop of the popular singer Kelly Clarkson.

Kelly Clarkson Photoshop Fail
Source: Self Magazine


It may seem a normal ad of Pretty Little Liars but it isn’t. The ad was shot for the seventh and final season of the show in 2016. The epic photoshop mistake in this left the fans laughing. By looking carefully at the ad, you’ll notice that the left leg of Sasha Pieterse is missing in the photograph.

Sasha Pieterse Photoshop Fail
Source: ABC

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