15 Worst Celebrity Photoshop Fails Of All Time


This selfie was posted by Selena Gomez’s makeup artist. The photograph seems normal at first look but when you look closely, it can be seen that the wall behind Selena in the background is curved and her shoulder is also edited. This makes it quite obvious that the picture was photoshopped.

Selena Gomez Photoshop Fail
Source: Instagram


This is the June 2007 cover of Men’s Fitness magazine. The magazine used so much editing that this famous tennis star couldn’t recognize his arms in the photo. He himself shared this in his personal blog that his arms were made really large by editing.

Andy Roddick Photoshop Fail
Source: Men’s Fitness Magazine


Lena Dunham’s photoshoot with Vogue magazine turned out to be an epic fail. She can be seen wearing a fancy dress having lots of sceneries around her. Her arm was missing in the photograph that provided a lot of meme material for netizens.

Lena Dunham Photoshop Fail
Source: Vogue Magazine


Just like Vogue, Maxim also suffered an epic photoshop fail when they shared Priyanka Chopra’s poster for their 2016 issue. The magazine edited the photo in a way that they entirely wiped out her armpit. The photo went viral in no time and netizens left no chance to laugh at this hilarious photoshop fail.

Priyanka Chopra Photoshop Fail
Source: Maxim Magazine


It’s Vogue once again. In the November 2011 issue of Vogue, Adam Levine posed alongside Anne Vyalitsyna. The picture was so much photoshopped that the editors took out a part of Levine’s torso from it.

Adam Levine Photoshop Fail
Source: Vogue Magazine

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